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  • Welcome to Values in Design Futures, 2022! The course begins on 20.4. at 9:15. Only the first class will be offered in hybrid mode. The rest of the lectures will be on campus. Lecture room Väre, M202

    Zoom link for Session 1

    Please remember that the first lecture is mandatory to pass the course  

    Before that first session, please read the following two texts. 

    Appadurai, A. (2013) ‘The Social Life of Design’, chapter 13 in The Future as Cultural Fact.  

    Broms, Loove & Jonas Runberger (2021) ‘Design-driven explorations are relevant in tackling societal challenges', in Wangel, J. & E. Fauré (eds) Beyond Efficiency.  

    As you read, make notes of things you might want to return to in class, including any recurring concepts that are unfamiliar to you. Pdf-files of the texts can be found under the 'Materials' menu.  

    A Student Handbook in pdf-format will be uploaded under the 'Syllabus' menu soon. Make sure to download it and use it to stay informed about the course. 

    We look forward to seeing you,  

    Eeva, İdil and Mariela 

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