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    This course gives an introduction into the biological treatment processes of water, wastewater, sludge, solid waste and waste gas with a strong emphasis on wastewater treatment. The course includes lectures with several guest lecturers also from the industry, hands-on exercises and laboratory work. During the microbiology lab, lecture and demo sessions we will get closely acquainted with the microbes doing the work in biological processes.  

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    During the course we will operate and monitor a sequencing batch reactor and a membrane bioreactor in the lab where by the end of the course we will achieve full nutrient removal. We will also see the same processes in a bit larger scale in Viikinmäki wastewater treatment plant – the largest plant in Nordic countries.

    We have a Teams group for course communication and for the groups to discuss and work on your group work here: WAT-E2180 Biological processes STUDENTS

    NOTE! There's a self-learning assignment on microbiology in this course. You can find the exam in Assignments and the study material in Materials by Feb 24th 2022.

    IMPORTANT! If you have NOT done Aalto Laboratory Safety Course earlier NOTE!  In order to be able to participate in the course you have to pass the Laboratory Safety Exam as explained below. 

    Procedure for Lab safety exam -

    To take the laboratory safety exam, students must register enrol to AALTOLAB ENG Water and Environmental Engineering -course at Log in and Self-enrol to the course (enrollment key: ENGwater). Follow the instructions on the page: watch and understand how various laboratory safety equipment work and take the exam. You are allowed to use the Virtual laboratory while giving this exam. You are also allowed multiple tries. The idea is to ensure that students understand the steps they need to take in case of an accident in the lab and not to blindly memorize lab safety protocol. 

    On Tuesday March 9th Aino organizes short safety tours in the lab for the students who have not worked in the WATER LAB earlier (see the separate lab schedule for this). 

    Laboratory safety course must be passed before the laboratory project of the course starts (Tuesday March 8th)

  • The lectures during Spring 2022 in the lecture room 286 in the Water building. Laboratory work takes place in the Water lab.

    Homework support sessions take place on Tuesday 9:30 - 11:30 here:

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