Topic outline

  • Welcome to the Real Estate Economics course!

    • The course will introduce students to the basics of real estate economics and covers the following topics: 

      • Characteristics of real estate assets and markets
      • Actors in the real estate market
      • Market dynamics
      • Principles of real estate valuation
      • Investment decision-making

      The course consists of online lectures, class exercises and discussions and 5 weekly assignments to apply the knowledge in practice. 

      Note! The schedule and topics are going to be updated on13.09.2021.

      All sessions will be held online (zoom sessions). You can find the link under Materials section (from 14.9.)

      We start sessions at a quarter past the hour (see the times) but please login at least a few minutes earlier. 

      Course requirements:

      In order to pass the course, all weekly exercises (5) need to be handed by DL and passed. Additional points can be granted for active participation in online sessions. 

      Participation in the lectures or tutorials is not compulsory.  However, if you do not participate in the sessions, it is your own responsibility to keep yourself informed about DL's, requirements etc. 

      We strongly recommend participating in the first lecture!

      Course schedule:

      Note! The schedule and topics are subject to changes 




      Learning session


      TUE 14 Sept

      12:15 - 15:00

      L1: Introduction to course 

      WED 15 Sept

      13:15 - 16:00

      L2: Recap of economic concepts 


      TUE 21 Sept

      12:15 - 15:00

      L3: Characteristics of RE (I) 

      WED 22 Sept

      13:15 - 16:00

      L4: Characteristics of RE (II) 


      TUE 28 Sept

      12:15 - 15:00

      L5: RE Market equilibrium 

      WED 29 Sept

      13:15 - 16:00

      L6: Real Estate market dynamics; actors, perspectives and processes 


      TUE 5 Oct

      12:15 - 15:00

      L7: Real estate valuation 


      WED 6 Oct  

      13:15 - 16:00

      L8: Income method and cash-flow analysis 


       TUE 12 Oct

      12:15 - 15:00

      L9: Real estate market informational issues 


       WED 13Oct    

      13:15 - 16:00

      L10: Portfolio theory. Real estate returns & risks 


       TUE 19 Oct

      12:15 - 15:00

      L11: Leverage & sensitivity analysis 


       WED 20 Oct    

      13:15 - 16:00

      L12: Tutoring session (TBC)

      Course teachers:
      Teacher-in-charge: Dr.Sc. Anahita Rashidfarokhi
      Teacher: Ass. Prof. Oskari Harjunen