Topic outline

  • The course is held remotely through ZOOM in Kaisa Airos' personal room:

    Course content:

    The course introduces students to facility and property management as a strategic support function for the core operations of an organisation. The main topics covered are:

    • the real estate needs and strategies of different organisations
    • the potential added value of professional corporate real estate management
    • decision making and real estate planning
    • workplace and space planning
    • digitalisation and sustainability in real estate
    • etc. 

    Learning outcomes:

    After the course, students should:

    • understand the supportive role of facility and property management (FM&PM) in the core operations of different organisations 
    • be familiar with FM&PM strategies, needs and solutions
    • be able to apply the theoretical knowledge and concepts in practice - in other words to recognise, analyse and solve typical FM&PM challenges and opportunities

    The planned schedule for the course

    3.11. 10-12 Orientation and teaming with disc (Flinga)

    5.11. Independent working with the Assignment 1 - Interview with a FM professional

    10.11. 10-12 What are FM and PM and how are they placed in the map of Real Estate Business?

    Lecture recording:

    12.11. Independent working with the Assignment 2 - FMs' role as a supportive service

    17.11. 10-12 User centric approach and usability. Dr. Suvi Nenonen, Helsinki University

    Lecture recording:

    19.11. 10-12 Literature group with Assignment 3 - User centric approach and usability

    Tuesday 23.11 11-12 Kaisas' voluntary portfolio clinic:

    24.11. 10-12 Strategic FM, sustainability and decision making 

    Lecture recording:

    26.11. Independent Literature with Assignment 4 - Decision making and strategic FM

    1.12. 10-12 Workplace Management - Dr. Peggie Rothe, Chief of research & insight in Leesman.

    Lecture recording:

    3.12. Independent working with Assignment 5 - workplace strategies activity based work

    Independent working with Assignment 6 - AI in built environment 

    8.12. 10-12 Future of FM and final presentations in teams.

    Lecture Recording:

    10.12. 10-12 Spatial Planning, MA Virve Penttilä.  Assignment 7 - Spatial Concept 

    Virves' lecture was not recorded for privacy reasons

    Monday 13.12 12-13 Kaisas' voluntary portfolio clinic

    21.12 The Final portfolio return

    Course personnel: 

    Teacher in charge: Anahita Rashidfarokhi

    Teacher: Kaisa Airo

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