Topic outline

  • The exam will be held via MyCourses; 2nd exam opportunity 2 March.

    Required prior studies: REC-E3100 Real Estate Economics, REC-E3200 Institutions in Real Estate Economics. (That is: even if you have been "accepted" to the course via Sisu, you do not necessarily have a right to participate the course.)

    - Lecture handouts will be provided in "Lecture handouts" section always before the lecture.

    - Lectures will take place via Zoom. Lectures will NOT be recorded.

    - Participation in the lectures is not compulsory (i.e. it is voluntary), but is highly recommended.

    - The course includes a compulsory assignment and an exam - the course grade is based on both of these.

    - NOTE: Successful completion of the course (the assignment in particular) requires capability to conduct a meaningful regression analysis.