Topic outline

  • The information for the Fall 2021 edition of the GIS-E1070 Theories and techniques in GIS -course will be added here before the beginning of Period II studies. The primary teacher for the course will be university lecturer Jussi Nikander (

    Some preliminary information:

    • First event on the course will be the introductory lecture on November 3rd at 14-16 (2-4 pm)
    • The course will be held mostly on-line according to current Aalto ENG guidelines for teaching
    • We will explore the option to have one of the two weekly exercise sessions to be held both on-line and on-campus; details will be given later, and at the moment we cannot guarantee anything
    • In order to do well on the course, you should have passed GIS-E1030 Introduction To Spatial Methods AND know how to code using the python language. Familiarity with the arcpy library is recommended
    • Access to the ArcGIS Pro software is also strongly recommended (You can make do with other tools, but then we cannot provide you with the same level of support)
    More information will be added later. Welcome to the course!
  • The weekly assignments use the same Zoom meeting room as the course lectures. The course staff will be present at the meeting room during the exercise session times (Tue and Fri at 10-12). Those who require one-to-one instructions or wish to e.g. share their screen with the staff will be invited to a breakout room for privacy. On Tuesdays the staff will be physically present at classroom U351 at Aalto campus in Otaniemi.

    See below how you can request for assistance.

  • In order to pass the course, you need to:

    • Get at least 13 points from the weekly exercise sessions (maximum 30 points)
    • Get at least 13 points from the exam (maximum 30 points)
    • Have a point total from both exercises and exam that gives you a grade 1 or better (last year 27 points was enough for grade 1 and 50 points for grade 5, it varies a bit depending on the exam results)