Topic outline

  • Design for Motion

    Pre-course material:

    Motion Class of 2022: After Effects, Animate, Blender

    The course consists of lectures, storyboard exercises, illustration or visualization work. The student will be assessed in part on final presentations of their work that demonstrate mastery of the form and awareness of context. 

    Applies in this implementation:

    You and your work will be assessed based on the artistic value of your final product, active participation, discussions, and sharing of work with peers, your abilities to pitch the idea, and also what you've learned while producing your animation – Since everyone will be working on their individual projects, the idea is also to openly share the learning process with each other so that we boost the learning experience in the whole class through each other's cases.

    The aim is not only to create a moving image but also to develop the mental capacity to handle demanding projects while keeping you safe from too much stress.


    Classwork 72 h, independent work 90 h

    Applies in this implementation:

    We have 72 hours in class, 90 hours of independent work. The videos and tutorials provided before and during the course are considered independent hours. Due to the pandemic, attendance is negotiable and flexible.