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  • Welcome to Experiment: Process!

    The Experiment: Process course provides students an opportunity to learn to work with an actual visual identity design project in small teams of two in a structured manner.
    A client is present in the briefing of the project, in the interim presentation, and the final presentation. The student work includes planning the project and conducting background research that will influence the creative work and the concept design. The design phase is iterative and students are supported through lectures and feedback.

    The compulsory LC-1117 Integrated Oral and Written Skills course in English is running parallel with this one on Mondays and Wednesdays in this period. It is focusing on professional communication and presentation skills.

    The same teams that we have created in Experiment: Process course will continue to be teams in this English class and do the assignments together. 

    We are working in hybrid mode. You can join the Zoom from this link below:

    Do not come to class if you are ill or feel any symptoms.

    You will need a laptop with Adobe software installed on this course.

    This link will take you to the virtual mentoring space in where we can have meetings and tutoring sessions with the teams

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  •  Date 
    Time Location Theme
    9:15-12:00 U7
    Kick-Off, introduction, study project contract, and project teams
    12.1.2022 9:15-12:00 U7 Briefing Client, Markus, Pekka, Safa
    13.1.2022 9:15-15:00 Remote Double Diamond process & background research
    Markus & Eeva
    18.1.2022 9:15-17:00 Remote Virtual excursions, project management
    19.1.2022 9:15-12:00 Remote Background research
    20.1.2022 9:15-15:00 Remote Background research & benchmarking presentations
    Markus & Eeva
    25.1.2022 9:15-17:00 131A
    From brand to visual identity, ideating
    26.1.2022 9:15-12:00 Remote Design value and branding strategy
    Paulo & Markus
    27.1.2022 9:15-15:00 Remote Design process & cases
    1.2.2022 9:15-17:00 U7 Interim presentations Client, Markus,  Pekka, Safa
    2.2.2022 9:15-12:00 Remote
    Iteration Safa
    3.2.2022 9:15-15:00 131A Quality in visual elements
    8.2.2022 9:15-17:00 U7
    Evidence-based design
    Safa & Markus
    9.2.2022 9:15-12:00 A046
    Adobe workflow
    10.2.2022 9:15-15:00 Remote
    Detailing and polishing
    15.2.2022 9:15-17:00 Printlab Concept poster
    16.2.2022 9:15-12:00 Remote Preparing presentation
    17.2.2022 9:15-17:00 T004 Final presentations & critique
    Client, Markus,  Pekka, Safa

  • We will collect lectures and shared materials here

  • Team 1: Irina & Rebekka

    Team 2: Merle & Sofia

    Team 3: Benjamin & Sanna

    Team 4: Helmi & Malin

    Team 5: Irene & Jenny

    Team 6: Nelli & Roosaliisa

    Team 7: Artemi & Laura

    Team 8: Evi & Hannah

    Team 9: Hanxu & Olga

    Team 10: Aino, Jacob & Suramya

    Team 11: Iiris & Pinja

  • Post here links to your learning diaries that reflect on your learning in this project course.
    (You are working with this also in the English class)

    Lecturer Antti Salovaara has written a good blog post about reflecting on design and you can access it by following the link below: