Topic outline

    • We have our interim critique on Tuesday, 1 February, and each team presents their initial ideas to the client and receives feedback both from the client and the teachers.

      Upload your presentations here for grading (Maximum file size for uploading 400MB) but you will also present your presentation using your own computer in the classroom.

      As we have 11 teams, we need to be strict with time. Aim for clear 10-minute presentations.

      Presentations may include summary of insights from background research, selected values or drivers for design, mindmaps, sketches, moodboards, colourpalettes, style or type specimens, naming or logo samples ect. Basically include whatever you think that will best support presenting your ideas for the concept, but please include at least one slide in the end of each idea that somehow visually shows how these elements could manifest themselves on the given packaging (i.e. digital mockup). End with a summary slide that you can leave visible during converstation with the client and teachers.

      We will have the first 6 presentations in the morning and 5 after lunch. (Those teams who do not take English class will present last)
      We need to reserve time for feedback and discussions as well, as they are crucial for the project's learning experience and advancement.
      The English teacher records the students' presentations that are part of the English course and will give feedback on presentation techniques for those students later in her class.

      About presenting:

      The client or all teachers have not followed your background research phase so present your ideas and where they come from clearly (thought of logic) so it becomes apparent what you suggest and why.

      Try to show what insights your work is based on and aim for clarity of idea. You can think of presentation as a narrative from the start to the end and then you invite the client to discuss your ideas. You may show alternatives (max 3), and feedback will help you choose with what direction you go forward, but remember that in 10 minutes you can only show the tip of an iceberg.

      As this is only an interim critique, you don't have to have everything clear and ready, so relax, but the more developed you have the ideas or alternatives, the more on point the feedback will probably be. When things are only assumed, assumptions tend to vary between people, so at least good sketches can help to understand what you aim at.

      When you get feedback, take notes of what was said, as it is too easy to forget later when several perspectives are covered.

    • Please return your presentations here by morning 17.2. However, be prepared to present from your own computers in order to create a fluent presentation and control timing.

      We will start presentations in a reverse order this time (Team 11 starts)
      In addition to our client Heikki, also the curator of the HDW Designs For A Cooler Planet exhibition, Enni Äijälä is invited to our final show.

      Same as in interim critique, all teams have 10 minutes to present followed by a brief client & teacher feedback. We will have project presentations from 9 to 15 and then course feedback discussions 15-17 (of course small breaks in between).

      As the client is especially interested in how the packaging looks with your branding concepts, do include some rendered or photoshopped images that clearly demonstrates how your visual identity concept works on these packages (from different angles). Also remember to show reasoning or "evidence" of why your branding and visual identity works and clearly justify your choices as a part of a good presentation. You can also, for instance, photoshop your product into a supermarket shelf to demonstrate standout from category. You can review presentation techniques from our study materials and select what will best work for you.

      The posters that we print tomorrow are used to support your presentation. I realised that many of the concept posters are missing the product picture, which is making them a bit harder to understand.

      These presentations are also used for grading student work by all the teachers. In the final presentations teachers' assess student’s work by reviewing your idea, its execution, the presentation, and the process.

    • Heikki asked us to provide a one pager, a visualization of both packages with your branding on it (visual summary). He needs these so he can show and discuss all alternatives with the board members of the company.

      As format horizontal A4 pdf would work best, but include your names at the bottom of the page. I can then compile all pages together and send it to Heikki and also Enni who is the curator of the DFCP exhibition.