Topic outline

  • Welcome to study the rudiments of architectural research and academic thinking. In spring 2022, the course will contain the following elements:

    • 7 Classes at Zoom including four talks by Visiting Scholars
      • 16.3.2022 Lauri Klemola (Master's Thesis)
      • 13.4.2022 Dr Johanna Lilius (Researcher's Work)
      • 27.4.2022 Dr Helena Sandman (Doctoral Thesis)
      • 25.5.2022 Dr Antti Pirinen, Lecturer (Interior Architecture and Design Research)
    • 6 Mini Lectures about the basics aspects of research
    • 6 Online Quizzes related to the lectures
    • 2 Text Analyses and 1 preparatory research case draft as homework
    • Architectural Research Book Reviews as group work.

    Please feel free to email me at if you have any questions or concerns.

    Course programme as a table