Topic outline

  • General

    Learning objectives

    This course aims to orient doctoral students to work on their doctoral research as a member of the academic community in operations management (OM). Also, this course helps to develop necessary skills such as creating a research proposal, presenting your research, producing intellectual deliverables, assessing the work of other doctoral students, and engaging in academic discourse.

    Upon completing this course, the student is supposed to design a research plan and present it concisely. Also, the takeaways from this course include improved critical thinking needed to evaluate one’s scientific work and that of others. In sum, by taking this course, the student will:

    • Get to know some of the streams of scientific literature that support doctoral research in the industrial management domain;
    • Be able to assess available methodological alternatives and provide a justified rationale for methodological choices;
    • Acquire skills and capabilities needed to prepare and share your research with peers;
    • Be able to review research and critique another student’s research plan;
    • Become aware of the essentials in getting your research published; and
    • Gain knowledge on how to engage in academic discourse in the scholarly community.

    Instructions for the self-study package

    The course is provided as a self-study package. For personal guidance and counseling, please contact the responsible teacher: