Topic outline

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    Period III

    [Lecture 1] Introduction to process control, Physics-based dynamic modeling I

    [Lecture 2] Python libraries: Matplotlib, Numpy & Scipy

    [Lecture 3] Physics-based dynamic modeling II

    [Lecture 4] Dynamic behavior of 1st order processes

    [Lecture 5] Control design I

    [Lecture 6] Control design II

    Period IV

    [Lecture 7]  Sensors and data acquisition

    [Lecture 8]  Laplace transformation

    [Lecture 9]  Transfer functions

    [Lecture 10] Group project Q & A

    [Lecture 11] Advanced process control

    [Lecture 12] Recap


    10% Assignments

    • 3 assignments to be done individually
    • Based on exercises

    20% Group project

    • Groups of 3-4 students
    • Task: design and implement a controller

    70% Exam