Topic outline

  • Welcome to Basics in Programming Y1!

    Please read through the content on this page (and the subsections) carefully. Note that the course materials and weekly exercises are hosted separately on the A+ platform. You should sign in to A+ using your Aalto credentials. 


    The weekly Lectures are held on Tuesdays at 14:15. You can find the Zoom link and recorded video lectures here.


    The course assignments consist of weekly programming Exercises hosted on A+.  The weekly deadline for Exercises is on Thursdays at 11:00.

    Getting started

    In order to get started with the course, you should first sign in to A+ using your Aalto credentials. There, you will see the course materials and weekly exercises. In order to complete the exercises, you will also need to Set up a Python IDE on your computer. Even if you have already used Python before, please ensure that you are using the correct version (3.5 or later).  

    Need help?

    If you need help with an exercise (or the course content in general), we highly recommend attending one of our Exercise Sessions. Exercise Sessions are hosted three times a week, and, for the first two weeks of the course, you can join them either online or on-campus. In addition, you can ask for help from fellow students and course staff on the course's official Slack workspace. All questions should be asked via Slack; in the event that you are unable to get Slack working, you can Contact Barbara Keller or Visa Mäkeläinen via email ( When attending Exercise Sessions or posting on Slack, please refer to the section Asking for help for guidelines on asking well-defined questions.

    The systems we use:

    Zoom: For online Lectures and support in Exercises Sessions, we will use Zoom. You can find Zoom meeting for Lectures here. For online Exercise Sessions, create your own Zoom meeting and post the link to the corresponding thread in the Slack workspace.

    A+ (A Plus): On A+ you will find all of the written study material and the weekly Exercises. It also has a link to the Code Vault for sending your code to course staff. Find our A+ page here: 

    Slack: This year we will be using Slack for class discussion. The system is catered to getting you fast and efficient help from classmates, the TAs, and the course lecturer. Rather than emailing questions to the teaching staff, please post them on Slack. Join the Slack workspace here: