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    The course will start with a lecture on Monday the 1st of November at 13:15 in Teams. Welcome!

    This period whole course is fully-remote, completely online and NO presence at the campus is required. Unfortunately, we do not have the possibility for hybrid teaching, due to lack of spaces for each course (reservation challenges because everyone is trying to organize their course at campus right now).

    If you have any questions or comments, please use Teams to do so. Use the channels rather than sending direct messages, as it creates a better sense of community and your concern is most likely answered faster.

    WHAT IS THIS COURSE ABOUT? This course is about powertrain modelling and analysis. We will model electric, hybrid, fuel cell, natural gas and combustion engine powertrains and compare them. You do not need any background in the chemistry or mechanics before hand of the afore mentioned powertrains.


    We use 
    1) MyCourses as our learning management system (LMS) for materials and submissions (lectures, assignments, quizzes, project), 
    2) Microsoft Teams for communication and 
    communication and 
    3) MATLAB for the practical exercises. You need to have MATLAB access (on your own computer or through Aalto VDI for example).

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      All course Lectures and Discussions are carried out in Teams (enrollment key will be provided when you have completed the Pre-course Questionnaire).

    • The Microsoft teams key for the course is: vs0xrrk

    • Course Schedule

      The course is designed so that it can be completed independently, at one's own pace. There are no mandatory participation requirements to lectures or exercise debug sessions. Also, all the exercises, quizzes and project work info are available from the beginning of the course so you can complete them at your own pace, as long as the exercises are done by the weekly deadline. Feel free to advance ahead of time and move to next week's material if you wish at some point.

      Every week, there will be
      1. Teams Lecture (Mondays 13:15-15:00) topic of the week, exercises, practicalities, and last week's feedback
      2. Teaching Videos (Independent study)
      3. Weekly Quiz (Independent study)
      4. Exercise Debug (Wednesdays 13:15-15:00)
      5. Exercise and Quiz Deadline (Quiz on Tuesday 23:59, exercises NEXT Tuesday at 23:59)
      There will be five consecutive weeks like this, followed by three weeks of independent project work, which will be presented at the end of the course in a "virtual mini-gala" (on Wednesday 15.12. at 13:15 in Teams).

      Project work Deadline: Monday 13.12. 23:59!

      Week Dates Lecture & Videos
      Quiz Exercise
      1 (44)
      1.11.-7.11. Powertrains x Electric Powertrain: Backward Getting started, simple.
      2 (45)
      8.11.-14.11.Electric Powertrainx Electric Powertrain: Forward
      More advanced, use of controllers.
      3 (46)
      15.11.-21.11. Hybrid Powertrain x Hybrid Powertrain: Backward
      Electric + ICE, simple rule-based control.
      4 (47)
      22.11.-28.11. Optimization
      x Hybrid Powertrain: Optimization
      Linear optimization.
      5 (48)
      29.11.-5.12. Other Powertrains
      xFC, CNG, Comparison of all Supercapacitor and flywheel modelling.
      6 (49)
      6.12.-12.12. [Project work discussion]
      [Project work help session] Project Deadline 13.12. at 23:59!
      7 (50)

      Virtual Gala 15.12. at 13:15

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      Announcements about the activities, practicalities and updates regarding the course. Make sure you follow Teams more closely!
    • Grading

      The course is graded based on your quizzes, exercise and project work according to the table below.

      Category Weight Points Min. points
      Quizzes 20 %
      5 x 10 = 50
      80 %
      Exercises 50 %
      5 x 25 = 125
      50 %
      Project 30 % 75
      50 %

      The total points is thus 250, however, you can get extra bonus points for giving feedback!