Topic outline

  • The course lectures will be held remotely in Spring 2022.
    The first lecture is on Friday 4th March 2022.
    Please find the Zoom link valid for all lectures below.

    Course content:

    Sustainable Real Estate and Cities are an unprecedented opportunity for societies to improve the economic, social, and ecological wellbeing of people, businesses, and nature. This course understands sustainability widely and tries to include all major aspects of the sustainable built environment. The course covers six key areas of the sustainable built environment in more detail: a) Environmental science, policy, and business, b) Smart density in sustainable cities, c) Energy and built environment, d) Cities and lifestyles, e) Life cycle thinking and properties, f) Smart Buildings and Cities.

    Learning outcomes:

    After the course, the student:

    ·       understands (has a good knowledge of) the role of Real Estate and Cities in mitigating climate change and other sustainability challenges. Similarly, it understands a sustainable built environment's economic implications and opportunities.

    ·       can identify and compare management models and sustainability indicators used in Real Estate and Cities.

    ·       can evaluate (critically analyze) the significance of long-term strategic management and distinguish and classify the sustainability challenges associated with Built Environment.

    Course requirements:

    The course work consists of six (compulsory) lectures,  groupwork assignments, and the final exam.

    Course Schedule

    Topic Lecturer Time
    Introduction, Environmental science, policy and business Prof. Seppo Junnila Online, Fri 04.03.202212.00–15.00
    Smart density in sustainable cities Prof. Seppo Junnila Online, Fri 11.03.202212.00–15.00
    Energy and built environment Dr. Jussi Vimpari Online, Fri 18.03.202212.00–15.00
    Cities and life-style Dr. Juudit Ottelin Online, Fri 25.03.202212.00–15.00
    Buildings: development and construction Dr. Ali Amiri Online, Fri 01.04.202212.00–15.00
    Properties: smart operation and management Prof. Junnila, M.Sc. Janhunen, M.Sc. Saari Online, Fri 08.04.202212.00–15.00

    Pre-reading for each lecture:

    Students are expected to read the pre-reading materials provided for each lecture.
    A pre-reading for each lecture are available the latest one week before each lecture in the Materials section on MyCourses. The pre-reading materials allow students to familiarize themselves with the exam material during the course.


    The grade is based on the exam and group work assignments.

    All six lectures are compulsory. The student must demonstrate their participation during each lecture. If the student is not able to participate in a lecture, an additional assignment is required for each missed lecture. The instructions for the additional assignment to cover up for a lecture absence may be found under the "Assignments" section. Kindly note, that an additional assignment to cover up for lecture absence does not cover the group work assignments: if you miss a lecture, you need to do both the lecture cover-up assignment as well as the group work assignment.

    The Exam

    Two exam opportunities will be provided for the course in 2022: Fri 22.4.2022 12:15-14:15 and Fri 20.5.2022 12:15-14:15. The exam is held remotely.
    The exam consists of five essay questions.  Literature for the exam is to be added later under the "Materials" section.

    Kindly note, that you should answer the exam questions primarily in your own words. In addition, 
    a) use a scientific writing style or
    b) list references and mark possible direct quotes with quotation marks (use quotes only based on justified reasons). 

  • In the folders below, you may find the exam literature, pre-reading materials for the lecture, and lecture presentations (to be added after each lecture).

    There will be six lecture assignments on this course in total, each of them related to the theme of one of the lectures. The instructions for all lecture assignments will be added here after each lecture.


    The six lectures on this course are compulsory. If you are unable to participate in one of the lectures, you must cover it up by writing a 3-4 page report of each lecture you missed. Use the lecture presentation, the references used in the lecture material, and pre-reading material, and search for additional articles and documents from academic databases to describe in your own words in a coherent manner all the main topics introduced in the lecture presentation.

    All the additional assignments for missed lectures must be submitted by Friday 22.4.2022.

  • Not available unless: You belong to Exam 22.4.2022 participants
  • Not available unless: You belong to Exam 20.5.2022 participants