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    Exercise times (Sähköpaja lab, Maarintie 8):

    Mon: 14-16

    Wed: 14-16

    Fri: 14-16

    Design Thinking and Advanced Prototyping is a bachelor’s level course primarily intended for the 2nd year DSD (Digital Systems and Design) major students. The course format is a team project, weekly exercises and lectures.

    The course deepens the students’ understandings of electronic prototyping tools, and gives hands-on experience in realistic concept design process. The primary technology platform that is used in the course will be Raspberry Pi.

    The topics addressed in the course:

    • Design Thinking and Conceptual Designing
    • User studies and user personas
    • Scenario-based design
    • Key Design Requirements Specification
    • Graphical user interface design
    • Web user interface design
    • Web Full stack / NodeJS – back-end, front-end
    • JavaScript ES6
    • Python
    • Database-driven connected applications
    • Computer vision on Raspberry Pi & deep learning

    As the topics above are all very broad, it should be apparent that we will not have time to go in much depth into these areas.

    The first lecture is on the 19th of January, and it will take place in the classroom U9 (Otakaari 1, U271).