Topic outline

  • CHEM-E0180 CHEMARTS Project is an advanced level of course that requires prior experience on working with bio-based materials, as demonstrated through passing at least one of the following courses as a prerequisite: 

    • CHEM-A1610 Design Meets Biomaterials (3-5 cr)
    • MUO-E0101 CHEMARTS Summer School 2.0 (5 cr)
    • CHEM-E0165 Nordic Biomaterials with CHEMARTS (6 cr)
    • CHEM-E1100 Plant Biomass (5 cr)

    Students will work quite independently (individually, in pairs or small groups) on their project although tutoring will be available. The course will start with a 'lecture', Zoom meeting, on September 20th at 10:15-12:00. During this meeting every student is expected to present an initial plan for his/her project. Several weeks are allowed to develop the plan further before the work in laboratory begins on week 42. The projects must be finalized latest by the end of the 3rd study period (late February 2022). In the end of the course (in December or February) students make a seminar presentation on their project, present the tangible outcome of their work and submit a personal learning diary that summarizes the working and learning process. Grading (scale 1-5) will base on the working process, learning diary, outcome and final presentation. The number of earned credit points (5-10 cr) depends on the used time (4-8 weeks full time equivalent).