Topic outline

  • CHEM-E0180 CHEMARTS Project is an advanced level of course that requires prior experience on working with bio-based materials, as demonstrated through passing at least one of the following courses as a prerequisite: 

    • CHEM-A1610 Design Meets Biomaterials (3-5 cr)
    • MUO-E0101 CHEMARTS Summer School 2.0 (5 cr)
    • CHEM-E0165 Nordic Biomaterials with CHEMARTS (6 cr)
    • CHEM-E1100 Plant Biomass (5 cr)

    Students will work quite independently (individually, in pairs or small groups) on their project although tutoring will be available. The course will start with a 'lecture', Zoom meeting, on January 11th at 12:15-14:00. During this meeting every student is expected to present an initial plan for his/her project. The projects must be finalized before the seminar presentation of May 31st  at 12:15-14:00.  In addition to a seminar presentation on their project, students present the tangible outcome of their work and submit a personal learning diary that summarizes the working and learning process. Grading (scale 1-5) will base on the working process, learning diary, outcome and final presentation. The number of earned credit points (5-10 cr) depends on the used time (4-8 weeks full time equivalent).