Topic outline

  • General

    Welcome to course Societal Design Project!

    If you have anything to ask about the course arrangements or contents, please contact course assistant Hanna Hämäläinen -


    Registration for the course is open until 7.9. in SisuA maximum of 48 students will be admitted to the course. 

    Information Networks major's students will have a preference over other Aalto students. 

    On 8.9. we will see how many spots we have left for other students than Information Networks major, and ask all non-Info-students to send us a motivation letter, and based on that decide who will be accepted to the course. In the motivation letter we will want to hear what you study, what kind of base knowledge you have related to the course topics, and why you want to join the course.

    NOTE! This is a very intensive course with lots of group work. Make sure you have reserved enough time during workdays and "office hours" to be able to work with your group. Every student is expected to have enough daytime during the week allocated for this course. Course staff reserves the right to fail the student during the course if the student has no time to participate in group work and lectures.

    Course schedule

    Course lectures are held on Mondays at 13:15-17:00, and they are obligatory to participate in. In addition to lectures, you'll have weekly meetings with your team, your client, and your team's very own coach.

    The course will be organized live at the campus, but we will let you know asap if the situation or the guidelines at Aalto change.

    Weekly topics

    13.9. Introduction to the course / Values, ethics, and society

    20.9. Creating societal impact / Meeting the clients

    27.9. Business goal

    4.10. Customer grouping & Interviewing

    11.10. Insights

    18.10. Value propositions & Design Sprint

    (25.10.) Break week

    1.11. Customer journey & Business model

    8.11. Validation

    15.11. MVP

    22.11. Final presentations

    29.11. Retro


    Weekly videos + Final Presentation + Concept to your client


    80% Final Presentation, 20% Weekly work and progress during the course