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  • “汉字三” 自学课程 Self-study online course

    Credits: 2 (workload: 2 hours contact teaching + 52 hours independent work)


    程金华 / 050 5747808

    学习目标  This is a supporting course for Chinese 3 course. Students learn approximately 150 new characters and study vocabulary related in Chinese 3 course.

    吃了吗 Chi le ma ? (Kiinan peruskurssi / a course in basic Chinese)
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    学习内容 Chi le ma chapter 7-9 vocabulary.

    评分标准 Assessment Methods and Criteria:
    1. Self-study teaching material
    2. Three (3) assignments in total   (50 %) 
    3. A final examination    (50 %)

    (在线Zoom)"Course introduction" online Zoom meeting:
       We start the course after this following Zoom meeting.

      • Jan 20, 2022 Thursday 12:15 -13.45,    Topic: 汉字 Chinese Characters 2-3, 5 introduction lesson
      • Zoom link:  
      • Meeting ID: 674 1875 8545           
      • Attendance in this lesson is not mandatory  这节网课可以不出席!

    作业信息  Assignment information: 

    • 三个作业有三个截止日期。 因此,你必须在每个截止日期前完成一 个作业。There are three deadlines for three assignments.  You should complete the assignment before the deadline.
    • 只有强制性的作业会影响你的课程成绩。For each assignment, you will receive a few non-compulsory tasks, students no need to upload your answers. They are only used for own practice. Only compulsory tasks will affect your final grade.
    •  作业最迟4月17日上传到MyCourses或通过邮件发给老师。Return and upload the assignments in MyCourses or directly email to the teacher the latest on the test date (17. 4.2022).    
    Three assignments  Deadlines 
    Assignment 1 2月7日
    Assignment 2 3月7日
    Assignment 33月28日         

    考试安排 Final test arrangement: 
    Both the classroom test and the Zoom test are scheduled at the same time. Choose a suitable time to participate. No registration is required.

    Test dates F2F classroom test or Zoom test (link)         
    April 8 Friday 
    Otakaari 1, U262 KPMG
    April 22 Friday 
    Otakaari 1, U259 POSTI

    考试范围  Scope of Examination:

      • 识字并写字 recognize and write Chinese characters  
      • 翻译句子 translate sentences 
      • 完成句子 complete the sentence with the given Chinese characters
      • 按照笔画顺序写汉字 write characters according to the correct stroke order
      • 找出偏旁并理解含义 recognize the radicals introduced in chapters 7-9 and understand their meanings
      • 看图,根据所学的词汇和语法写句子 make short sentences based on the vocabulary and grammar introduced in chapters 7-9 of the textbook


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