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    Welcome to the home page of Climate Change Strategy and Negotiations!

    Paris agreement 2015

    In spring 2022 the course will take place live in Otaniemi. Some of the visitors may give their lecture online. Lectures are on Wednesdays at 14:15-18. Course starts on Wed 2.3.2022. Please find here the Course Syllabus. 

    The course content is organized in two parts (3+3 ECTS) and is open to all Aalto students. Course consists of expert lectures from the different sides of the climate change problem, with many visitors also outside Academia. The second part of the course offers a possibility to attend a simulation of climate change negotiations. You can attend either track A (3 ECTS) or both tracks A+B (6 ECTS).

    The first part (Period IV, "Track A", 2.3.–6.4.2022) is common for all students, and it provides knowledge of climate change, regulatory frameworks (in particular, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change -UNFCCC), and corporate strategic responses to climate change. This first part is open to all Aalto students, with preference given (if needed) to the CEMS students, the Creative Sustainability students and the students of MIB Programme. If you take only this part, the course lasts Period 4 (lectures on Wednesday afternoons).

    The second part (Period V, "Track B", 20.4.–15.5.2022 with the negotiation simulation: 12-15.5.2022 in Warsaw), where only students in Track B participate, centers around the Model UNFCCC CEMS Climate Change Strategy Role Play. It involves a unique two-day simulation of UN climate negotiations organized in one of the member universities, where students from ten participating European universities play the roles of government, NGO and industry representatives. The negotiations will be organized in person in Warsaw (Poland). The student will cover the travel and accommodation expenses. 

    For inspiration, please read here an article about last year's simulation.

    All Aalto students are welcome to attend track B. The number of students accepted in Track B is limited to 20. If needed, priority is given to CEMS students (priority group 1) and students of the Master’s Programme in Creative Sustainability (priority group 2). Students wishing to participate in Track B must submit a short motivation letter.

    Register for the course in Sisu by 21.2.2022 (23:59). 

    Applying for the negotiations roleplay (Track B):

    Students can apply for Track B course by submitting a short motivation letter (one page) to by February 23, 2022. You will be informed whether you are accepted to the Track B (climate negotiations roleplay) on March 1st by the latest.

    Course responsible teachers:

    Sanna-Liisa Sihto-Nissilä, Aalto SCI (track A) 

    Ines Peixoto, Aalto BIZ (track B) 


    Emilia Eräpolku

    Responsible professor:

    Tiina Ritvala