Topic outline



    Spring 2022

    12 sp studio course at Aalto University Department of Architecture, organised in collaboration with the Architecture Department of Shibaura Institute of Technology (SIT), Tokyo, Japan (professors Kiwa Matsushita and Satoru Yamashiro).


    Advanced Building Design Studio 


    Max. 20 students


    Periods III-IV January 11th, 2021 - April 5th, 2021

    Alternating remote and live teaching on Tuesdays at 9:15 – 12 (13). Online teaching sessions make possible collaborating with SIT teachers and students at our teaching times.


    Scheduled Zoom meetings:

    Meeting ID: 653 7768 1350


    prof. Antti Ahlava (, 050 324 1179) + architects Selina Anttinen and Eero Lundén


    The assignment is to design a new building complex with two main purposes in Toyosu area, Tokyo. The design area has been marked in the above image. The complex (one or several buildings) can be placed anywhere within these limits. SIT has recommended the area of Gas Science Museum, which can be replaced with new construction. The thin dashed line marks the whole intervention area and the thick line Toyosu park, where the maximum footprint of buildings is 12% of the whole park areal. Existing buildings, structures and facilities within the area may be replaced by new ones. 

    The floor areal of the new complex is app. 20.000 sqm

    Room programme: LIBRARY + CONFERENCE CENTRE (library, convention halls, lecture hall, exhibition hall, gastronomy).

    The focus is on the development of ”metaxography” in architecture - design based on relationships. What if architecture was not only about the design of objects, but the design of relationships? The normative design in the built environment has traditionally focussed on building as a product and not on experience and interaction, which are the essentials of ontographic anthropology. An anthropological perspective in architectural design creates a unique opportunity to describe current practices meaningfully and supports a progressive anthropological change in the conception of architecture.

    International workshop

    There will be an online workshop with SIT teachers and students on March 1-10, 2022.


    Please read this introductory text before coming to the first session of the course: Metaxographic Architecture