Topic outline

  • General

    Zoom link and information for all the sessions:

    Meeting ID: 612 3841 5279


    Basic Course Information

    • MNGT-E2006 - Advanced Topics in IDBM, AALTO BIZ (IDBM)
    • Teaching language: English
    • Credits: 5 ECTS
    • Teaching period I-II
    • Master's level course: 
      • IDBM Master Program: Compulsory core course
      • Elective for IDBM Minor Studies
    • Advanced specialisation studies, recommended for 2nd year of the IDBM master program studies
    • Registration through SISU
    • Grading: 0-5

    Connection to IDBM Programme

    This online course advances and deepens students’ understanding of the central topics of international design business management. Course assignments “warm-up” students for Master’s thesis work. Virtual meeting technology, digital facilitation, and webinar (web-based seminar) format enable students to participate in the course from any location.

    Students will conduct literature research on IDBM-related topics, applying theoretical literature, and interviewing professionals working in the related industries. Along with the advanced academic knowledge on international design business management, this course provides tools and methods for working effectively in global virtual teams and for facilitating engaging virtual meetings & webinars.


    Learning Outcomes 

    After completing this online course, students should have:

    • A deeper theoretical and practical understanding of international design business management and its central topics such as creative leadership, design management, design thinking, diversity and creativity, and change management.
    • Ability to work effectively in distributed virtual teams
    • Skills and experience on facilitating webinars and giving engaging online presentations for large audience
    • Readiness for Master’s thesis work 


    Assessment Methods and Criteria

    1. Academic writing assignments (Individual 4-page essay and Team assignment)
    2. Webinar presentation
    3. Personal contribution and activity (attendance and participation) 



    This course builds heavily on case analyses, and webinar & online discussions. Therefore, you are expected to study all pre-readings prior to each webinar and actively participate in online discussions. 

    You will also complete two written assignments: 1) Individual essay (4-5 pages, 1500-2000 words) of an IDBM-specific topic of interest to you and 2) as a team, report insights from interviews with industrial professionals about how the reviewed topic resonates with their expertise and experiences. 

    Finally, you will plan and run a webinar to teach your fellow IDBM students advanced knowledge about the topics of which you wrote the written assignments.

    Course Structure

    Course content is divided to modules: 

    • MODULE 1: Choosing a Topic
    • MODULE 2: Research Design
    • MODULE 3: Literature
    • MODULE 4: Implications and Discussion
    • MODULE 5: Introduction
    • MODULE 6: Student Webinars


    Course Schedule

    14.9. Lecture 1: MODULE 1: Course Practicalities& Choosing the Topic, Advanced Topics in IDBM by Faculty

    21.9. Lecture 2: MODULE 1: Advanced Topics in IDBM by Faculty, How to Conduct Interviews (plus group formulation)

    28.9. Lecture 3: MODULE 2 Research Design: Analysing Qualitative Data

    5.10. Lecture 4: MODULE 3 Literature: How to Write Literature Reviews

    12.10. Lecture 5: MODULE 3 Literature: How to Review Others’ Work and Give Feedback


    2.11. Lecture 6: MODULE 4 Implications and Discussion

    9.11. Lecture 7: MODULE 5 Introduction

    16.11. Lecture 8: MODULE 6 Student Webinar 1

    23.11. Lecture 9: MODULE 6 Student Webinar 2

    30.11. Lecture 10: MODULE 6 Student Webinar 3

    7.12. Lecture 11: MODULE 6 Student Webinar 4

    14.12. Lecture 12: MODULE 6 Student Webinar 5


    Deliverable Schedule

    • Individual Essays: 
    1st Version DL: Thursday 7.10.2021 (you will get feedback from your group)

    2nd Version DL: Sunday 19.10.2021 (you will get feedback from a faculty member)

    Final version DL: 17.12.2021 (this version will be part of the Advanced Topics in IDBM Coursebook and will be evaluated)

    • Team assignment: the whole Advanced Topics in IDBM Coursebook (the whole class collaborates on this) including a chapter from each group (Consisting of Group members' individual essays and collaboratively written sections: Introduction, Interview findings and Discussion).

    Deadline 17.12.2021, you may discuss and decide internal deadlines within your group and the class


    Study material

    • Pre-readings for lectures; literature and other materials suggested for each research theme.


    Learning environment

    • MyCourses and Zoom (webinars and online teaching sessions).
    • Please download free Zoom client app from (desktop version strongly recommended)


    Responsible Teacher

    Dr. Elina Hilden,