Topic outline

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    Welcome to Strategic Identity & Design!

    The final presentation for the Strategic Identity & Design course takes place over Zoom on the 21st of February between 13.00 and 17.00.  You can join the session by following the link below:

    The groups and brands for the project are found here.

    The Strategic Identity & Design course provides students a platform to learn about branding and identity creation while deepening their expertise about the strategic role design can play in such development processes. Special emphasis is placed on the expressive nature of design and the role of designers in shaping and materializing the identity of a brand.

    Students complete a design project throughout the course in which they are asked to rethink material touchpoints for an established brand. Students are supported in the project through lectures and workshops. Structured as learning tracks, they are also given the opportunity to deepen their design expertise in one of the following areas: (1) packaging, (2) surface design and (3) typography. Students are assigned into groups and learning tracks during the first contact session for the course.