Osion kuvaus

  • Course Overview

    Welcome to Design Research!

    This course is a compulsory for all 3rd year students at Bachelor's Programme in Design (a.k.a. English-medium BA Design). 

    Due to the ongoing COVID-19 restriction, the course is running in a hybrid mode. However, thanks to the smaller size class, we can organize it in the classroom. And we plan to offer the course mainly in the classroom. Please see the following table to view the course schedule.

    COURSE SCHEDULECourse Schedule (table)

    (Download the above image)


    For those who want to join the course remotely due to specific reasons, please get in touch with Lily and Namkyu for the approval before the course begins. To be fair with those who attend the course on-site, remote participants will get extra assignments to compensate.

    For those who are approved, Zoom session link for the remote participation is: https://aalto.zoom.us/j/61623761346 (Meeting ID: 616 2376 1346)

    There are mainly two types of session in this course: Lecture and Supervision. Accordingly, this MyCourses page is structured.

    • Lecture Sessions (RED in the schedule) intend to offer relevant contents for this course. Lecture materials are uploaded after each session if sharable.
    • Supervision Sessions (BLUE in the schedule) offer tutorials in a small group setting (max 5 students per group). It is coordinated by three doctoral candidates in Department of Design and Media. They are: Pinar Simsek, Constantinos Miltiades and Neha Sayed. You will be assigned to one of the groups based on the fit between your interests and tutor's expertise. The group formation exercise is taking place on the first session (Sep 15). Each group has dedicated sections for instructions and discussions. After joining a specific small group, please review your group's sections and follow the instruction of your tutor / doctoral candidate.


    • The course is graded 0-5 based on the midterm and final assignments. Grading of each student is suggested by the doctoral candidates who follow closely the improvement of individual research project. Responsible teachers confirm the grades after a meeting with the candidates.

        - Midterm: (1) the level of engagement and progress in the supervision sessions until midterm
                           (2) the performance of the midterm presentation

        - Final: Evaluation matrix (see the Assignment section)
        *Note: The Final assignment's score weighs more to your course grading. 

    • Minimum attendance to pass this course: 80%. If you have exceptional reasons, please contact the responsible teachers of the course immediately.


    • The course related announcements and updates are made through Announcements in this MyCourses page.
    • You can use General Discussions to propose and ask something related to this course to the whole class (and don't worry. You don't spam others by posting here ;) ).
    • Primary method to reach out to the responsible teachers is aalto email: namkyu.chun(a)aalto.fi; lily.diaz(a)aalto.fi
    • During the lecture session, you can ask question via Presemo. Also you can write questions about previous lecture contents: https://presemo.aalto.fi/BADesignResearch/