Topic outline

  • The course introduces the use of electronics and physical computing as a creative medium in the field of new media art. It covers some basic electronic concepts and theory, various analog circuits, prototyping your own circuits, microcontroller programming, and the basics of PCB design.

    A critical insight into maker culture and the environmental impact of the electronics industry is introduced through readings, discussions, and examples.

    This is not an engineering course. The course focuses on creative use of electronics and hardware hacking, not on the theory and the most efficient circuit design. The course will also go through some essential tips for safety, use of various tools, best practices, and how to take care of the equipment and facilities.


    Matti Niinimäki (

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    Week 1: Resistance is Futile
    Week 2: Sensing the World
    • Sensors
    • Mapping
    Week 3: Making things Move
    • Motors and Other Actuators
    • Building a simple robot
    Week 4: Communication
    • Critical Making
    • Serial
    • USB (Mouse, Keyboard, MIDI, HID)
    • WiFi (OSC)
    Week 5: Project Work and Tutoring
    • Different levels of prototyping
    • PCB Design Basics
    • Project work and tutoring
    Week 6 : Project Work and Tutoring
    • Project work and tutoring
    Week 7: Project Work and Tutoring
    • Project presentations and exhibition setup