Topic outline

  • Teaching of the course will be organized remotely in the fall of 2021, according to Aalto university's guidelines. The main tool used will be Zoom-meetings. Possible tutorings in small groups will be separately announced. For information on using the school's facilities, please see:

    Lauri Astala: Transit.

    Schedule (subject to changes)

    15.09. Visual Narrative - Raija Talvio, Professor of Screenwriting, ARTS. 

    22.09. Visual World Building - Rauno Ronkainen, Professor of Cinematography, ARTS.

    29.09. Montage - Oskar Franzen, Cinema Editor.

    06.10. Mid-review / Discussion + Gallery Visit during own time (Galleria Heino, Lauri Astala exhibition)

    Visit the exhibition by Lauri Astala, who will visit us on the course (20.10) - the exhibition is held in Galleria Heino (Erottajankatu 9)  and it will be open until the 10th (10.10.2021) - visit the exhibition before our Wednesday session!

    Sketch for the Last Map
    Sketch for the Last Map (2021) was shot in several cities in Belgium, South Korea, India, France, Turkey and Uruguay between 2014 and 2020. Overlapping layered images of indoor and outdoor spaces form the core of the work – as if the buildings had become translucent or the view layered from overlapping reflections. The reciprocal image layers in each “situation” are from the same city and some even from exactly the same place.

    13.10. Documentary - Salla Sorri, Lecturer, Documentary filmmaker, ARTS. Text: Benjamin: The Storyteller

    20.10. Video Installations - Lauri Astala, Artist. Text: SPACE, PLACE, AND PRESENCE

    27.10. Seminar presentations and discussion. - Conclusion of course.

    The course is a theoretical introduction to the different concepts and means of expression linked to cinematic narrative.

    The focus is on the different ways of using the moving image as a tool for depicting the material and social contexts of urban environments.

    Duration: Period I
    From the 15th of September, to the 27th of October (7 sessions).
    The course events are scheduled on Wednesday mornings, at 9-12.

    The course consists of a series of lectures, approaching the moving image and the urban environment from different viewpoints - the course concludes with presentations of seminar work by the students.

    Seminar work
    The students produce a visual and written ‘storyboard’, depicting an existing or designed urban environment. A list of examples of interesting movies/artwork dealing with space, the urban and architecture through the moving image is used during the course as suggested viewing and as a basis for discussion.