Topic outline

  • The seminar will be arranged in autumn 2021.

    Preliminary schedule

    First session: 15 September 2021
    Last session: 8 December 2021
    Sessions are on Wednesdays at 10-12.

    Preliminary seminar description

    A major challenge in modern software development is achieving continuity between different software development activities, and between development, operation, and business activities. Following the widespread adoption of agile and lean software development approaches, industry is adopting new ways of achieving such continuities. For example, BizDev aims to achieve a continuous engagement between business strategy and development, while DevOps aims to achieve a continuity between development and deployment. Such continuous activities that integrate different parts of a software organisation are called Continuous Software Engineering. Examples of such activities are emerging in industry. Some organisations, especially large web companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon, have reported almost immediate deployment of new software features as well as large-scale experiments that aim to validate the technical soundness of new software and even its impact on user behaviour. In this seminar, we study topics related to Continuous Software Engineering from various viewpoints. Topics include, but are not limited to: DevOps, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, BizDev, BizOps, and Continuous Experimentation.