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  • Rakennetun ympäristön paikkatiedot RYM-C2004 (GIS in built environment 2021)

    Welcome to the course. In fall 2021 the course will be offered mainly in English. The course will be mainly online. However, there will be two GIS clinics held on-site where students can join online or in person if they prefer.

    The first lecture will be on 13.09.2021 at 10:15-13:45.

    Responsible teacher: Kamyar Hasanzadeh,

    Guest lecturers: Marketta Kyttä, Anna Kajosaari, Samira Ramezani, Petri Kangassalo

    Exercise: Kamyar Hasanzadeh, Anna Kajosaari  (


    * There can be minor changes to the timetable during the course
    • Here in this forum you can discuss about all kinds of things related to the course and/or post your questions

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  • Here you can find the exercises and related materials. This is also where you will submit your exercise reports.

    Each exercise will open when it's time. 
  • Here you can find the lecture materials. Slides will be uploaded following each lecture.

  • Here you can find the preliminary task and the related material. The quiz will open on 1.9 and will close on 12.9. You will not be graded for this task but completing it is compulsory for continuing in the course.
  • Only for exam grading - do not submit anything here.