Topic outline


    Welcome to the FITech Digitalization course offered by Aalto University!

    This online course aims to make you familiar with and also demystify Digital Transformation phenomenon and view it from a number of different perspectives - such as from general, technology, society level and company level perspectives.

    The course consists of two parts, both accompanied with a related online assignment. The first part is composed of a series of videos on informal 'fireside chat' type of discussions with experts who have extensive experience from the area both from academic and practical perspectives. This part is concluded with a related quiz (test). In the second part we are combining some domain related theory with our own experiences by producing a reflective analysis on the phenomenon.

    After this course, the student is supposed to have increased ability to:
    • identify opportunities and threats of digital transformation from perspectives of an individual, company or society;
    • recognize the role of technology and its potential in digital transformation;
    • identify general challenges of privacy, regulation and security as well as responsibility of the society, companies and the individual;
    • use knowledge, ideas or technologies to better cope with the digital transformation phenomenon and demands of managers in the digital era.

    First, check out below the Intro (video) to this module. Then proceed to the expert discussions consisting of Introduction, 4 different perspectives on Digital Transformation, and the Conclusion. After you are done with them, you're ready to start the first assignment about the online video learning part. In the second assignment you are supposed to apply your learnings in practice via personal reflection on digitalization phenomenon.

    Hopefully you enjoy learning about Digital Transformation on this course!