Topic outline

  • Course Description

    3 cr, Lectures on tuesdays: 16.00-19.00 on Zoom

    Students will work in small groups  to analyze the business practices of their fields and prepare a persona of an ideal art entrepreneur. 

    What needs to be done to keep customers happy, bank balance on the plus side and mental and physical health in check. Exercises include role model interviews, customer interviews, professional interviews. They will also practice negotiating skills and make financial calculations. The sessions include guest lecturers from different areas of creative industry and discussions about dilemmas related to the relationship between art and entrepreneurship. 

    Final submission will be a presentation of the opportunities and characteristics of the student´s own field from an entrepreneurial point of view.

    • Session 1 - 2.11.21  16.00-19.00

      Define your craft and field. What are the most useful skills that apply to all creative fields?

      Guest: Ville Hyvönen, Videographer, Musician, Designer

    • Session 2

      Values and ethichs. What is the ethical way to do what I do? How do I prioritise and fight for my values?

      Guest: Anne Raudaskoski, Co-Founder of Ethika

    • Session 3

      Me and the world around me. How do I identify reach my potential customer? How do I communicate and make my work known?

      Guest: Ville Räty, Visual artist

    • Session 4

      Revenue models. How can I find new sources of income without giving up my craft? How can I learn to understand the market better? What is an affordable loss?

      Guest: Katri Manninen, Author, TV-writer

    • Session 5

      Entrepreneurial style. How can I became a good collaborator/contractor/employee? What skills should I develop in the university and outside?

      Guest: Lotta Buss, Service Designer

    • Session 6

      Sustainable ways of working. How can I achieve my goals without sacrificing my well-being? How do I deal with my emotions and stress? 

      Guest: Sanni Saarimäki, Psychologist

    • Session 7

      Final Presentations