Topic outline

  • What is Cooking open science! about ?

    Course description

    What is open science?
    What is open in open science?
    What is the new role of researchers in the digital era?

    Let's co-cook online & physically in our final gala and explore together the science of this decade!

    With this radical creative course, we want to engage Aalto's doctoral students, post-docs, and faculty in a fun and engaging way to learn about open science practices and principles that arise with digital technologies and tools and open physical and digital infrastructures.

    These practices and principles of open science can contribute in a substantial way in finding solutions for SDGs and grand societal challenges, engaging in new ways with research in society, and nurturing innovative and entrepreneurial researchers.

    This innovative course is a learning course about open science, through an open gastronomy experience. We want to translate the openness of the creative and innovation processes from the cooking field to others. The kitchen is our open lab.

    Tervetuloa & Welcome to our digital and hands-on cooking based-experience to learn about open science!


    Cooking open science! course starts 14.10.2021 at 14.15 until 17.00 weekly 18.11.2021. 6 events in total.

    Module 1. Open gastronomy for science.
    Module 2. Open methods for cooking.
    Module 3. The "secret" recipe.
    Module 4. Deconstructing science by cooking.
    Module 5. Cooking beyond the edges of conventions of science. 
    Module 6. Co-cooking open science! 

    Module 1-5 will be taught through an online cooking experience. Participation in the course requires completing small pre-assignments before each session. Zoom links and pre-assignments will be sent weakly. Please kindly be in one kitchen, with a standard cooking capacity, for the sessions. 

    Module 6 will be taught at Aalto's premises. Final gala.


    2 ECTS = 54h

    18h Readings, videos, and small pre-assignments.
    24h Weekly sessions (lectures, cooking, online discussions).
    12h Small after-session tasks and short learning diary.



    Learning outcomes

    • Inspiration and motivation to perform the science of this decade. 
    • Understanding and acquisition of new open science practices and principles to tackle SDGs and grand societal challenges. 
    • Broadening collaboration across different research disciplines.

    Pedagogical methods

    • Sensory learning.
    • Learning by exploring and playing.
    • Experience-based learning.
    • Blended-education approach.

    Cooking open science! Research study

    This course is a research study itself. Participation in this study is voluntary. You can discontinue your participation in the study at any time. Should you discontinue your participation, you will not be subject to any negative consequences. 

    The subject of this study is to understand how students learn about open science practices and principles through a new sensory open learning experience. The online lectures, the interactions among participants and the final gala will be audio-recorded and transcript for research purposesNo video or photo images of participants will be recorded or stored. Personal data (first names and family names of participants) will be anonymised. 

    More info: please kindly check the privacy notice at the end of this page. 

    Contact info

    Responsible Teacher, Responsible Pedagogy, and Programme Coordinator
    Rubén Vicente Sáez -