Topic outline

  • Doctoral seminar - Spring 2022

    This seminar is meant for doctoral students doing their thesis about organization-, leadership-, knowledge- and people-related issues.

    • By participating during max two years you earn 3 credits.

    • Seminar is obligatory for doctoral students  who have been accepted 2021 or earlier.

    • In all, the seminar is organized at least four times per year, often monthly.

    • Each seminar session lasts max three hours, starting 9 o'clock

    What is expected from a student

    Each student is expected to present their work at least three times, submit their material beforehand and to act as an opponent three times.

    During each session

    One hour is used for each presentation: around 20 minutes as an introduction followed by discussion with comments and questions. One of the fellow students is selected as the official opponent. (S)he has two weeks time to comment the work based on the material received from the candidate.

    Enroll to your supervising or advising professor
    • Marina Biniari, email:

    • Eila Järvenpää, email:

    • Niina Nurmi, email:

    • Esa Saarinen, email:

    • Matti Vartiainen, email:

    • Natalia Vuori, email:

    • Doctoral seminar on Thursday 2nd June 2022

      Doctoral student Riitta Rönnqvist (supervised by Timo Vuori and advised by Niina Nurmi) will present the introduction part of her thesis.

      There is room for one more presentation! If any of you are willing to present your work, please inform!

      Niina Andrade-Asikainen defends her thesis “Supporting well-being in workplace transformations - Critical sociomaterial components and their evaluation in a knowledge-intensive organization” on June Friday 3rd, 2022, docent Suvi Nenonen from Tampere University acts as the opponent.