Topic outline

  • Introduction to Product Management

    The course starts on Tuesday, November 2nd, at 10:15. Welcome!

    Basics of taking and completing the course
    • The course consists of 12 lectures and 6 weekly assignments
    • Lectures are on Tuesdays and Fridays 10.15-12.00, in zoom.
    • Lectures are recorded and (mostly) available in MyCourses also for later viewing.
    • Assignments become available on Mondays of each week, and the DL is the following Monday
    • Grading is based on points: Each lecture attendance (or later viewing) equals one point, each completed assignment equals two points (or less, if late or iterated). It takes 12 points (50% of all) to pass with grade of 1, 23+ points equals grade 5. See details.
    • You can reach course personnel through
    • Key reading are: 
      • Perri, Melissa. Escaping the Build Trap : How Effective Product Management Creates Real Value . First edition. Beijing: O’Reilly, 2019. Available online in Aalto
      • Cagan, Marty. Inspired : How the Best Companies Create Technology-Powered Products and Services . Second edition. Hoboken, New Jersey: Wiley, 2018. Available online in Aalto

    Including the course in studies/programs

    The course can be selected as part of the elective studies to any Aalto student, but also part of the major/track in the following programs:

    • Information networks (MSc & BSc): Course can be included in the major/track as an optional course.
    • Industrial Engineering and Management (MSc): Course can be included in the major as an optional course.
    • Software and Service Engineering / CCIS (MSc): Course can be included in the major 
    • Information and Service Management (MSc): Course can be included to optional courses

    Others: If you have a good case of why this course should be part of your major / track, let us know. We can help!

    About the course
    In this introductory course on product management, you will learn what it takes to create and manage products from everyday operations to high-level planning, forming a product vision. The course is designed as an introduction to anyone looking into or interested in creating exceptional products – whether you’re an aspiring founder looking to productize your idea, or an individual interested in getting to know the diverse field of product management. The course has been created in collaboration with product managers from a variety of Finnish product-led companies f.ex. from Wolt, Varjo, Hoxhunt, Oura, and Unity.

    • Not available unless: You are a(n) Student
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