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    This is the MyCourses page for the course Contemporary Marketing Issues Reading Package in periods I-V, for both B.Sc. and M.Sc level courses. No other MyCourses page (e.g. MARK-E000101) is used during the academic year 2021-2022. Please make yourself familiar with the Course Syllabus. It contains all that you need to successfully complete this course.

    Important dates and deadlines for period V course:

    20.04.2022: The beginning of the course

    04.05.2022: Inform me of the topic of your essay (your chosen reading package). You must do so in the link below. THIS IS A MANDATORY STEP. Failing to do so will result in your paper not being graded.

    20.05.2022: Submit (via email) the 1st version of your essay IF you want feedback before the final submission. This is voluntary.

    03.06.2022: Nonnegotiable Deadline! Final deadline to submit your essays on the MyCourses link

    Name your file to indicate the course code, “reading package type” of the assignment, and your Last Name. E.g., “Mark_E000104_Pricing_Ladva”


    Question: Can I attend the course in more than one period, e.g. start in period I and submit my essay in period III?

    Answer: Yes, that is possible. However, you need to register for the course in that period in which you want your course work to be graded. E.g. in this case, register in period III.

    Question: Does this course include lectures?

    Answer: Yes, one optional lecture can be conducted upon request at the beginning of the course, on the first day of the teaching period via Zoom. The link will be provided later on this page. In that lecture, I will go through course practicalities, give tips for writing an essay, and also, you may ask questions regarding the course. All the material from the lecture will be provided on this course page later. Attending / Missing the lecture does not have an impact on your grade. 

    The link to the Zoom session:

    Any questions? 

    E-mail me:

    To ensure that I get your email, I have set mailbox rules. So, when sending an email, the subject line should start with "Contemporary Marketing Issues"