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  • 0: Let’s get started – the ABCs of getting things done

    • Welcome to the online materials on getting things done

    Do you delay and postpone completing some tasks? Do you feel you might procrastinate? Do you feel you are sometimes wasting your time? If the answer is yes, don’t worry. You probably are quite a normal university student: almost all university students procrastinate at times. However, if procrastination bothers and you would like to learn to be more efficient, hop onboard to learning through these online materials. Here you can learn more about yourself and how you could get things done better.

    The ABCs of getting things done materials package contains information about procrastination and various exercises that help you develop your efficiency. The exercises are especially important as getting things done is a skill requiring practice. It is common that a person who procrastinates might not get started with tasks despite all the knowledge and good intentions, which could also happen to you with this online material. That is why it is extremely important that you get active with the exercises in these online materials.

    The materials package contains two parts. The first part (What is procrastination all about?) deals with procrastination as a phenomenon and the different factors that can influence it. With this part, you can learn to understand more what your own procrastination is about. The second part (Exercises that help you get things done more) offers different perspectives and exercises with which you can practice getting things done and learn at the same time.

    This materials package is designed to be followed progressively and we recommend that you complete it chronologically from the beginning to end. You could also explore the material in your own order.

    The texts from these materials are available for everyone and the exercises have a version that is also available for everyone. If you want to submit the exercises to the course site and get feedback and guidance on the exercises, please send an email to the course administrator

    And now, let’s get started!

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