Topic outline

  • Dear Students,

    Welcome to the course of Electrical Energy Storage Systems

    Kurssin idea

    This is a joint course from School of Engineering and School of Electrical Engineering to study closely the interfaces of electrical production and consumption systems and energy storages. This course is very multidisciplinary and will invite students from different backgrounds jointly applying their knowledge on electricity storage cases. 

    This course is a self-learning module that does not require any contact participation. Note that the different tasks have DL dates. This course has a sister course that is in contact mode and where students also apply this theory by project work and final seminar. These contact session links are will be added here at the early January.

    The teaching format on the class is "Active self study" supported by reading materials as well as flash talks and industrial talks on videos. There are individual assignments and flip reports to be prepared. Please, take a look the Course practicalities video that you can find below this page.

    If you prefer to join the contact sessions (instead of videos), they are organized Tuesday morning 8.30-10 am with the following Zoom link: 

    These sessions also include the poster presentations.

    Welcome to the journey,

    Annukka, Floran, Mikko and Hassan