Topic outline

  • Remediation and intermediality in media, art and design practices. Is there anything new?

    Plaster sculpture of a human face with sky superimposed on it.

    "All media are 'intermedia.' After all, 'medium' already implies a middle between at least two things."s Dick Higgins"

    Intermediality, as an attribute of intermedia, has also been described as a characteristic of an artwork that allows it to be rendered in diverse media. We are all familiar with poetry that is translated into music[1], theatre that is rendered using film[2] and painting that aims to simulate musical experiences, to name only a few instances of intermediality. Present throughout these works is the human ability to think and perform along multiple expressive modalities and registers. Yet, what does this mean in actual practice? Aside from exploring and debating the topic, the objective of the school is that each participant becomes cognisant of the ways in which intermediality forms part of the their artistic and design practice. 

    Participants can attend the workshop sessions as presenters or as commentators or both. Workshop participants must prepare a 10-minute presentation of their work. Workshop commentators must be willing and ready to provide constructive feedback to presenters.

    Those interested in participating as presenters should send an brief abstract (300 words max.) about their work by end of the day 14 January. For more information about the course, refer to the Syllabus.

    [1] Cohen, Leonard, Take this Waltz,

    [2] Michod, David, The King, Note that this is just the latest among several filmic versions of Shakespeare’s play.