Topic outline

  • Learning Outcomes: After this module you are able to

    • recognize different types of assessment methods
    • select appropriate assessment method for your course and justify your choices
    • discuss how group size effects on selection of teaching methods
    • choose and apply teaching methods supporting your learning outcomes

    A) Individual assignment:

    Course plan version 3.0* DL 17.11.2021 (Find your group's Course Plan -forum under Peer Groups and activities -topic on the left)

    B) Group assignments:

    Before your group meeting:

    • Familiarize yourself with given reading material (below), according to your group!
    • Optional: Watch the videos (below): Unips-video: Assessment; Unips-video: Teaching Methods 
    In the meeting together with your group use the FLINGA ( to reflect the teaching and assessment methods, based on the (optional) videos, your readings and your experience. Write in a way that others can learn from your notes! DL 17.11.2021

    Also in the meeting, start writing your group's case. More information about Case-working in Group's own area (Peer Groups and activities, on the left)

    *This is the version (3.0) that your peers (2 persons) are going to give peer feedback about (in your own groups' Course Plan -forum). You will be informed about feedback chains during the third session (17.11.2021)