Topic outline

  • Welcome to Aalto pedagogical training course "Course Design"!

    This course will be arranged online, in Zoom: 

    All the sessions will be on Wednesdays from 9.15 am to 12.30 pm, according to the calendar invites.

    1. Session Nov 3rd, 2021

    2. Session Nov 10th, 2021

    3. Session Nov 17th, 2021

    4. Session Dec 1st, 2021

    5. Session Dec 15th, 2021

    Workload / study time allocation (135 h = 5 ECTS credits)

    • Pre-assignment 3-5 h (will be sent on Monday 25.10.2021)
    • Teaching and learning sessions 17 h
    • Group work 20 h
    • Reflection and preparing for teaching and learning sessions 14-16 h
    • Reading and video materials 10 h
    • Course plan 36 h
    • Peer feedback 11 h
    • Peer group working: cases 22 h

    During this course you'll have an opportunity to design or redesign your course. You will get and give feedback on the course plans and hopefully you'll have new ideas to conduct your teaching. This course is one of core courses and after this you are able to participate Aalto pedagogical courses Teaching Practice (Opetusharjoittelu) and  Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (Oppiminen ja opetus yliopistossa).

    Teacher in charge:
    Riikka Evans, specialist, university pedagogy (riikka.evans(at)

    Co-teacher: Sara Rönkkönen, specialist, university pedagogy (sara.ronkkonen(at)