3. Course plan v. 1.0 - instructions and inbox for submission

Due: Monday, 1 November 2021, 11:59 PM
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Course plan, version 1.0

During this course, you’ll write a course plan where the learning goals, teaching, and assessment methods are well prepared and aligned. You will use this first version of the course plan as a framework for following versions. Let's start with the version 1.0!

1. Basic information:

  • Name of the course
  • Amount of ECTS
  • Teaching period(s) when the course is taught
  • The language of the course
  • Target group (Bachelor's / Master's course / Doctoral course)
  • Number of students (approximately)
  • Is the course elective or mandatory?
  • 2. Course connections to other courses: Which programme/major/minor/module the course belongs to, connections with other courses? What kind of previous knowledge (or courses) is required from the students? What kind of knowledge/skills does the course offer to other courses (e.g., is the course a pre-requisite for some other course(s)

    3. Have you taught on this course before or is it a new course?

    4. What kind of student feedback the course has got in previous years?

    5. What should you pay special attention to when you design your course? E.g. is there anything that you'd like to develop in the course/do you have specific notions on the course that you'd like to address?