Topic outline

  • Learning Outcomes: After this module you are able to

    • calculate workload for your course for both teacher and student
    • analyze connections between ILO's, methods, assessment and workload (constructive alignment)
    • recognize different tools of educational technology
    • select appropriate educational technology tools /methods for your course
    • justify your choices and explain the added value of educational technology in your course

    Assignments after the third session:

    A) Individual assignment:

    Course plan: Provide the peer feedback from course plan version 3.0. DL 24.11.2021 (NOTE: in one week)

    NOTE: You can utilize the peer feedback you received (by 24.11.) and already start writing course plan version 4.0 (DL will be after the fourth session, on 8.12.2021). Write the version 4.0 of your course plan and include use of educational technology, students' workload as well as teacher's workload to it. You will get facilitator feedback from this version of course plan. 

    B) Group assignments
    • Optional: Watch the video (Unips-video: Workload)
    • Familiarize yourself with given reading material which you can find below
    • Participate in the discussion about educational technology in teaching in FLINGA (
    • Case-working: Continue to write your group's case. More information about Case-working in Group's own area (Peer Groups and activities, on the left). DL 1.12.2021. Please respect the deadline, as the cases must be solved already by 8.12.2021.