• This wiki page provides you with information and guidelines about the Learning and Student Information systems used at Aalto University. This page is a collection of system help and guidelines for teachers, students and staff.

    • This site provides selected information about public cloud services and, for comparison, you can find the Aalto IT Services list of official IT-services in a separate link below; "IT's list of Services." These are available for members of the Aalto University. Evaluations are based on Cloud Services, that are known to be in use or that are otherwise relevant, have been included. These services often answer to some specific needs, but the safety varies depending on use and users. Therefore, we evaluate Cloud Services with the help of regular classifications.

    • Panopto osaa laittaa videoon automaattiset suomenkieliset tekstitykset, joita voi itse myös korjailla.
    • How to add automatic English subtitles into your video in Panopto

    • Future-led Learning -podcastin tavoitteena on tukea Aallon oppimiskulttuurin kehittämistä.
    • Halutessasi voit lukea konstruktiivisesta linjakkuudesta lisää täältä:

      Ch.6 Constructively aligned teaching and assessment
      John Biggs, & Catherine Tang. (2011). Teaching for Quality Learning at University: Vol. 4th ed. Open University Press.