Topic outline

  • A!ENG RESEARCH LAB is a doctoral level course focusing on principles of science, research and scientific writing. The course is designed mainly for early-stage doctoral students in engineering fields, yet those in the later stage of their doctoral studies are also welcome. The course themes are Aalto doctoral process (ENG), research methodology, career planning and time management, project management, career and well-being, as well as scientific writing. The course hosts guest lecturers from different backgrounds to lecture about the course themes. This is a great platform for doctoral students to meet and interact with peer doctoral candidates and receive support. 

    The course includes a three-day Scientific Writing Seminar focusing on the importance of scientific writing and motivation behind writing and publishing high quality articles. Our special guest Professor Emeritus Bengt Lundberg from Uppsala University will share his old and latest writing experiences. 

    The course is organized in the fifth study period (13.4.-29.5.2022) covering 3 credits.

    Contact: Dr Roza Yazdani (

  • Wednesday 13.4., Doctoral thesis process (ENG), 12:15-14:00, Otakaari 1/U9 

    Wednesday 20.4., Research Craft, 12:15-16:00, Otakaari 1/U9 

    Wednesday 27.4., Research methodology, Introduction to Project Management, 12:15-16:00, Otakaari 1/U9 

    Wednesday 4.5., Career plan and time management (recorded lecture), phd Journey, 12:15-14:00, Otakaari 1/U9 

    Wednesday 11.5., Career & Well-being, 12:15-16:00, Otakaari 1/U9 

    Wednesday 18.5., Scientific writing, 09:15-13:00 (morning lecture Online , independent groupwork afternoon), Otakaari 4/215 reserved for groupwork 

    Thursday 19.5., Scientific writing, 09:15-13:00 (morning lecture Online , independent groupwork afternoon), Otakaari 1/U9 reserved for groupwork

    Friday 20.5., Scientific writing, 12:15-16:00 (independent morning groupwork, lecture afternoon Online ), Otakaari 1/U9 reserved for groupwork

    • Reflective essays: writing a reflective essay on the theme of each session is the core weekly assignment of the course (altogether six essays, one for the scientific writing seminar).

    Instruction for essays: please write an essay to reflect what you have learned after each session. With a formal language, write from your own perspective using the guiding questions provided for each topic. You can also give feedback to the session. Length of each essay must be one page (Times 12 pt., min. line spacing 1.5). Return it in PDF format through return box in Peergrade link in Mycourse. Name the files as "Student number_sessionname". Please note that return requires a login to MyCourses. The deadline for each essay is the day before the next session.

    All participants are also required to give peer-feedback to their fellow classmates´ essays weekly in Peergrade link in Mycourse.


    • Prereading assignments and group works are required for some of the sessions.


    • Scientific writing project: Write a one-page abstract about your doctoral research by Tuesday 24.5.2022 and upload it to Peergrade on Mycourse. The abstract needs to demonstrate IMRAD structuring with a brief discuss your research problem, your solution and its advantageous, and discussion on your potential results. All participants are required to give feedback to their peer´s abstract, by Tuesday 31.5.2021, on the logic, coherency and storyline of the scientific writing of their fellow classmates.