Topic outline

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    WEEK 1 Mon 6.6. at 16.30-18.30

    Introduction lecture. 

    WEEK 2 Mon 13.6. at 16.30-18.30

    Digitalized markets

    WEEK 2 Wed 15.6. at 16.30-18.30

    Sharing economy  (rescheduled)

    WEEK 3 Wed 22.6. at 16.30-18.30

    Sharing economy

    WEEK 4 Wed 29.6. at 16.30-18.30

    Digitalization of consumption

    WEEK 5

    No lectures, independent study

    WEEK 6 Wed 13.7. at 16.30-18.30

    Dark side of digitalization

    WEEK 7

    Guest lecture (only recording, no live lecture)

    WEEK 8

    No lectures, independent study

    *All lectures are organized via Zoom and recorded, unless otherwise stated.

    In case of any questions, email the course instructor: petra.paasonen(a)

    • Not available unless: You belong to L01 (SISU)
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