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      Draft Research Plan (Submit your plan by 23:59 on 10.06) Forum
      Not available unless: You are a(n) Student

      1. Submit your draft research plan by 23:59 on Friday 10.06. Share this separately with your thesis advisor for feedback.

          Items to include:

        • Title page (1 page): Proposed title for the thesis, your name, date, and your thesis advisor's name.
        • Proposed table of contents for entire thesis (1 page)
        • Introduction to the topic with clear problem and purpose statements (1 page). (You can use this introduction in your first draft.)
        • References: 2 - 3 sources. One of which should provide a general overview or introduction to the topic, e.g. a popular science article, textbook, review article, metastudy, etc. These should be formatted in your chosen referencing style. Indicate the style in the References heading: "References (IEEE style)". Give a one-sentence paraphrase or quote from the source below each one.
        • Weekly timeline from week 23 to week 36. Please include the scheduled meetings with your thesis advisor and important deadlines (i.e., research draft, first draft, second draft, final draft, and final presentations). You should have at least 5 planned meetings with your advisor, i.e., initial meeting, after drafting your research plan, after submitting the first draft, after submitting the second draft, and after submitting the third draft.

      2. In Session 3 (13.06), I will assign you to breakout rooms in pairs based on your programme.
          Copy the following questions into your reply and answer them:
        • Does the table of contents include each section of thesis? Would you add or change anything?
        • How clear was the introduction? Would you add or change anything?
        • Is the student planning any small-scale research? Do they plan to implement/develop/use something in the research (i.e., an experiment, algorithm, simulation, project, prototype, set of guidelines, feasibility study, etc.)? If it's a literature review, are they using a method for this (i.e., simplified Systematic Review or State-of-the-art Review)? Does the method or implementation support the topic?
        • Does the introduction follow the Toulmin-Zappen model (i.e., Situation, Problem, Solution (AIMS))?
        • Check the sources. Which style guide is being used? Is it consistent?
        • How realistic is the timeline based on the scope of the research?

      3. After you have met your thesis advisor with the research plan, reply to your own research plan entry with a summary of their comments. Any reflections on their comments?
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      Final Research Plan (Due by 23:59 on 17.06.22) Assignment
      Not available unless: You are a(n) Student

      After you receive feedback from your partner and your advisor, make any necessary revisions and submit by 23:59 on 17.06.

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      First Draft for Peer & Teacher Feedback (Submit your First Draft by 23:59 on 20.06.22; Be prepared to give peer feedback by 21.06.22) Forum
      Not available unless: You are a(n) Student

      1. Submit your first draft by 23:59 on 20.06.22. This should be 33% of the final length. Your submission should also include the introduction with a clear problem and clear purpose. It should also include at least 3-5 references integrated into your writing (i.e., paraphrases or quotes).

      2. Schedule a time by 20.06 for your peer & teacher feedback session (times available from 21.06 to 24.06).

      3. Read through your partner’s paper.

      3. Highlight your partner's paper for the following considerations:

      A. Do you see the problem-solution pattern? Mark each step with a comment. Does the aims/purpose statement follow the structure from Appendix 2?

      B. Identify the following and offer suggested corrections:

      -Informal verbs, adjectives, nouns, adverbs
      -Verb tense issues (e.g., future)
      -Use of active and passive
      -Any shift in English dialect (US vs. UK)
      -Any need for hedging (i.e., absolutes, strong claims)
      -Citation issues

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      Second Draft (Due by 23:59 on 05.08.22) Turnitin Assignment 2
      Not available unless: You are a(n) Student
      This draft should be about 66% of the full length (e.g., 13-14 pages minimum for target 20 pages). Obviously, the more the better.
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      Third Draft for Final Comments from Thesis Instructor (Due by 23:59 on 22.08.22) Turnitin Assignment 2
      Not available unless: You are a(n) Student
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      Final Bachelor Thesis for Grading (23:59 on 09.09.2022) Turnitin Assignment 2
      Not available unless: You are a(n) Student

      Your Thesis Advisor will grade your thesis and provide feedback here. It will be visible to you when they are done. The Thesis Supervisor will approve / modify the final grade in the 'Grades' section of MyCourses. It will be visible to you there.

      Before you submit here...

      - please carefully consider the comments from your thesis advisor (from the Third Draft), additional comments from your opponent (from the final presentation), and any comments from the English teacher. 
      - please be aware that the paper will be stored permanently in the Turnitin standard repository. Future student papers are checked against this repository.
      - you are able to submit your paper only until the submission deadline. Before the deadline, it is possible to re-submit in case you have made a mistake. However, no submissions are accepted beyond this submission deadline.
      - you will also need to submit to the eAge link for archiving to the library and for university administration to log the final grade of the paper. 
    • Not available unless: You are a(n) Student
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      Final Thesis Submission Extension Turnitin Assignment 2
      Not available unless: You belong to Extension