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  • Welcome to Coding Virtual Worlds 2022!

    This is an introductory course to creating virtual worlds with the help of Unity 3D and Oculus Quest head-mounted displays (HMDs). The lectures are given by Prof. Sebastian J. Schlecht. Teaching assistants Markus Kirjonen and Aaron Geldert.

    This course is 6 ECTS. The assessment is based on weekly coding assignments.

    It is ok If you have no/little pre-knowledge of Unity. The first week's assignment works through the Unity online course.

    Pre-Course Questionnaire

    Please fill out the Pre-Course Questionnaire to help us with adapting the course design.


    To enroll, you should fulfill the following criteria
    • register in SISU
    • fill the Pre-Course Questionnaire
    • attend the first session
    The quota of the course is 25 students. The enrollment is announced after the first session.

    Date Location Content
    Mon, 5.9., 13:15-15:00
    Thu, 8.9., 13:15-15:00
    online Q&A
    Mon, 12.9., 13:15-15:00 online Q&A
    Wed, 14.9., 18:00 - A1 submission
    Thu, 15.9., 13:15-15:00 in-person
    A1 presentation
    Mon, 19.9., 13:15-15:00 online Q&A
    Wed, 21.9., 18:00 - A2 submission
    Thu, 22.9., 13:15-15:00 in-person A2 presentation
    Mon, 26.9., 13:15-15:00 online Q&A
    Wed, 28.9., 18:00 -
    A3 submission
    Thu, 29.9., 13:15-15:00 in-person A3 presentation
    Mon, 3.10., 13:15-15:00 online Q&A
    Wed, 5.10., 18:00 - A4 submission
    Thu, 6.10., 13:15-15:00 in-person A4 presentation
    Mon, 10.10., 13:15-15:00 online Q&A
    Wed, 12.10., 18:00 - A5 submission
    Thu, 13.10., 13:15-15:00 in-person A5 presentation

    The schedule above is official and supersedes the SISU course events.

    • Online session - Zoom link can be found in the Zoom tab (visible only to students enrolled in this course).
    • In-person session - A Grid / Otakaari 5, E208b (Karjalainen). The in-person sessions are compulsory (at least 80% attendance). Please notify the teacher if you cannot attend. This session is for presentation of the student solutions. Please prepare to present your solution for each sub task.

    Course Material and Assignment Instructions

    Most teaching material can be found here

    Course Communication

    • Announcements are via Email (from MyCourses)
    • Group communication in Slack

    • We use slack as an informal communal place to talk to your course colleagues. Use this space freely and respectfully. Share your thoughts and questions, share recommendations, help others out.  

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    Course Material and Assignment Instructions

    Most teaching material can be found here

    Collaborative Coding

    We encourage joint work and collaboration, but you need to submit individually. Share ideas and explanations, but not code.

    Submission Format of Quest Assignments

    • An .apk build as discussed in the assignment.
    • A video capture of Quest experience with commenting voice over explaining all required features.
    • A short .txt file labled readme that includes any information about the APK you want us too know. This is mandatory if you implemented extra tasks/functionalities, especially once you devised yourself.