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    This beginners' course starts on Monday 5th of September 2022.

    It is an intensive course and we have two meetings per week:
    Montag 12:30 - 14 Uhr (in U262 KPMG) und

    Donnerstag 12:30 - 14 Uhr (in Y346)

    The progression is very fast: 2 chapters per week. If the tempo is too demanding, consider to change the group to another beginners course that gives you two periods time for the same book.

    We use the textbook Freut mich 1 (FinnLectura), please make sure to get the book beforehand. You need it already to prepare for our first lesson.

    The text book is in Finnish, but English translations are provided here in MyCourses. Teaching languages are English, Finnish and - of course German : )
    Kontaktiopetus 24 h ja itsenäinen opiskelu 57 h. Säännöllinen ja aktiivinen osallistuminen tuntityöskentelyyn sekä kirjalliset tehtävät (30%) ja kirjalliset kokeet + suulliset tehtävät (70 %).
    An attendance of at least 80% in the meetings is mandatory.

    Bis bald / see you soon / nähdään pian!

    If you want to check what we did in our meetings, look for the Pdfs in every "Lektion" (on the left).

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      online open for 60 Minutes

      am Sonntag, 25. September 2022

      12 - 16 Uhr

      Please contact me, if you need a different time slot

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      First German in a nutshell

      (Things you should know)


      After every lesson I will upload a file that contains what we did and homework tasks for you to prepare for the next meeting in sections on the left.

      So: if you want to check what we did in our first meeting, look for the Pdf in "Lektion 1" (on the left)

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      Here you find all courses related dates and grading criteria.

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      Wie schreibt man eine Mail auf Deutsch?

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