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    This one week workshops is targeted for students who are planning to join the course Physical Computing, but do not have any previous experience in rapid prototyping or digital fabrication. The workshop introduces basic workflows and tools for creating physical objects and prototypes using 3D printers and laser cutters, as well as basic CAD modelling workflows and tools.

    The course is framed around the concept of critical making, which combines "two modes of engagement with the world that are typically held separate: critical thinking, traditionally understood as conceptually and linguistically based, and physical ‘making’, goal-based material work" (Ratto, 2011). This concept will be further explored in the Physical Computing class but this workshop serves as an introduction to the topic.

    This course is taught by the New Media major in the MA Program in Art & Media and priority for selecting students into the course is as follows:

    1. Students in the New Media major who are registered to the course Physical Computing as part of their major studies.
    2. Other students in the New Media major.
    3. Students studying in the MA Program in Art and Media or any of the programs from the old Department of Media or Department of Art.
    4. ARTS exchange students
    5. Other ARTS students
    6. Other students


    Specific chapters and pages will be announced later