Topic outline

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    This course investigates a super-lightweight beam from 4 torqued plywood-strips and its potential applications as a design-build case study - a transformable kit-of-parts pavilion. 

    We, the research team of A“SA – Structures & Architecture, create and research at the interface of architectural design, lightweight structures & geometry. In a multidisciplinary setting we bridge between architecture, civil engineering and structural engineering. Our results are published in scientific articles, journals, talks and exhibitions. In this course are investigating a novel typology of lightweight structures by combining bending-active aspects and torsion. 

    This project is part of an ongoing PhD project of Serenay Elmas. In our research-led teaching, we invite students from different disciplinary backgrounds to participate in this process of investigation, research, design and testing. Serenay Elmas, Athanasios Markou, and Günther H. Filz will provide insights into the topic, the research, and the testing that has been done so far. We will also take you from the theory to the hands-on part and if we are lucky we will make a big step towards prototyping and realization.

    Currently, we are in discussion with UPM to participate as an industry partner. This will give us the opportunity to visit UPM and gain insight into their products and processes.